Don't Be A Victim Short Film, Drama and Thriller. A young man returns home from the military to see his Girlfriend and finds out she is missing.


No Purpose

No Purpose Short Film. A man going through demons and witches with the lust of his eyes. He struggles with his faith with God and his Purpose.

Don't be a Victim

Gold Dreams 

Gold Dreams Short Film. A young basketball player who has difficulties picking his career path decision between music and playing basketball in college. what would he choose?


Running To Faith

Running To Faith Feature, Inspiring and Impactful. About a young man on the road to the NBA suddenly finds himself battling for his health as he now pursues his new dream of running track and competing to go to the olympics.

Jennie Poster.jpg

Black Deniro

Feature film, Jennie finds herself in a troubled city where she meets a love who may be more bad than good for her, but she is definitely more than what she appears to be.


Selfless Mime

A Documentary about a beautiful young Mime praise dancer who expresses her love towards God through dance.