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Joshua Wilkinson


Film Degree Post.jpg

August 2018 - May 2020

University of The Arts

September 2014 - May 2017

Community College 

            BFA in Film & Video,

  • Directing a production crew. 

  • Videography - recording

  • Music videos,

  • Promotion videos,

  •  Film production.

  Associates in Digital Video 

  • Utilize advanced digital imaging and editing software, including Adobe Creative Suite.


  • Photography - photo shoots, Video Productions Editing Web Design and modeling.

  • Entrepreneurship - created an LLC for my production company, J Media Productions, LLC.

  • Utilize advanced digital imaging and editing software, including Adobe Creative Suite and DaVinci Resolve. 



  •  Internship: Audio and Video Associate, BDIC Media, Wyncote, PA - Summer & Fall 2019

  • Managed production crew and directing.

  • Recording weekly services to air on channel 60 television.

  • Operating cameras and controlling audio through the sound board.

  • Making copies of CDs and DVDs.

  • Setting up livestream through the Bethel app.

  • Recording stage production.

  • Set up and breakdown audio and video equipment.

    Freelance: J Media Productions, LLC

  • Shooting events: weddings, concerts, baby showers and birthday parties.

  •  Created a Music Video KYW 2019 in Chestnut Hill.Recorded Ted Talk Harlem 2019 in Manhattan New York.

  • Record Teamateo football community at Esperanza College.

  • Web design Let's Explore Network Stream (Lens)




  • Selfless Mime, Senior Thesis film 2020 at the University of the Arts - A​ n impactful documentary that

    focuses on faith, storytelling and healing. It addresses how people can embrace and share how they feel through mime.

  • Gold Dreams, Student film 2018 at the University of the Arts - ​A​ s​ hort film​ a​ bout​ a​ high school senior who has a passion for both basketball and music but has to decide what to pursue that could be more of a benefit to his future.

  •  Running To Faith, Feature Film 2019 in Philadelphia PA. -​ A film about an athlete who has a passion for track and field but is diagnosed with lupus, which causes him to struggle.



  • Pic Solve​: Photographer, print and sell photos to clients who visit and watch the city view Bethel Deliverance International Church: D​irector of Video/Audio Operations. Videographer for Comcast Rise.

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