J Media Connections

Stephanie DaCosta

J Media Productions is an innovative, cutting edge agency that provides 

website development, film production, social media support and expertise 

advisement for LENS regarding its social media development, maintenance, 

and promotion. 

Bruce Savage

Bruce is a Film Professor at Esperanza College. He works together with Joshua and J Media Productions, recording live Stream for churches, Podcast and live Production events. 

Jasmine Goode

Jasmine is a Special effects makeup artist, she works together with J Media Productions on film projects and commercials she provides high quality makeup for Actors and Clients.

Black Deniro

 Joshua Worked on Deniro film Jennie which will premiere in 2021. Joshua was one of the Camera Operators on set and will work with Deniro on more film and productions projects in the future.

Astronaut Pictures

Astronaut Pictures Director worked with J Media Productions on the Never stop commercial Video, starring Joshua. He will be working with J Media Productions for future film and commercial projects. 

Mike Grayfoto

Grayfoto Works with J Media Production with production interviews and was brought on to do No Justice and Love feels like music videos with J Media Productions, LLC. He helped Joshua on his first film Running To Faith.

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